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  • Are you out of town and need to park?

    There’s an option for a stopover on the app, and it will be available during an active order. Press “stopover” to park the car until you return to it. The cost of every stopover minute is half the cost of a travel minute. When you restart the car, the stopover will end and the trip will continue.

  • Do you operate only in Tel Aviv-Jaffa?

    You can travel out of town with our cars at a great price. First 3 hours (or part thereof) at ₪79 and every additional hour at ₪20. In addition, pay ₪1 per kilometer (or part thereof). Subject to terms and conditions. Start and end of trip must be within the borders of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The borders of service are between Road 57 (Netanya area) in the north, Road 6 in the east and Road 41 and 7 (Ashdod area) in the south.

  • What is AutoTel?

    There’s some serious talk about us here in town, but if you haven’t heard about us, hey there! We are AutoTel, car share rental

  • Why do you even need car sharing in Tel Aviv-Jaffa?

    Great question! In recent years, more and more people realize thatowning a private car is a burden which includes endless errands like testing, registration, ongoing maintenance, car-wash, parking and more. A car share service allows you to take a car and drive it for a limited time, when you need and where you need it, without all the hassles of owning a car.

cars order and traveling

  • How do you extend the reservation time?

    You can pay to extend the reservation time. The cost is half the cost of travel per minute. All you have to do is click on Extend Reservation on the app and we will take care of it. Please note, you can cancel a reservation up to 3 times for free, from the fourth time you will be charged ₪5 for a cancellation. The insurance quota resets every calendar year.

  • How do you book a vehicle?

    Enter into the vehicle map on the app, choose the nearest vehicle and start driving. The car will be reserved for 15 minutes from the moment of booking.

  • What should I do if I notice damage when I arrive at the car

    Inspect the vehicle before every trip to check for damages. If you detect any, please report to us through the app.

  • How do you unlock the doors?

    You can unlock the vehicle using the app, by clicking on “open doors”, or through the smart card. Haven’t you got a smart card? Look for it in the glove compartment, and call us so we can activate it for you.

  • Who is permitted to drive in AutoTel vehicles?

    Only you, obviously :) Driving our vehicles is only permitted for registered subscribers.

  • Is Smoking permitted in the vehicle?

    AutoTel vehicles are used by thousands of drivers every month, and we would like to maintain the driving experience as pleasant as possible. We make sure our vehicles are clean and fragrant, and therefore smoking is strictly prohibited.

  • Are pets (or any animals) allowed in AutoTel vehicles?

    We love animals, but please keep them home while using our services. Remember that some people are allergic and we must protect their health. Having said that, guide dogs are definitely allowed in our vehicles.

  • What do you do in case of an accident?

    God forbid! If an accident occurs, it is crucial that you stay calm and contact our customer service at *9133. We will guide you through the process vis a vis our damages department.

  • Are you allowed to drive AutoTel vehicles on public transport lanes?

    Driving on public transport lanes is strictly prohibited. Use only legal lanes and enjoy a trouble free drive, without tickets and police involvement.

  • Are there child boosters in AutoTel cars?

    AutoTel cars have boosters, please leave them in the car so that others can also use them.

signing up

  • How to join the service?

    All you need to do to become a part of the AutoTel community is download the app, sign up easily, choose the nearest car and start driving. We will reserve the car for you for 15 minutes from the time of order.

  • Who can join the service?

    Anyone over 18 with a valid drivers license (valid for at least one year).

  • Do you need to have a credit card to sign up?

    A credit card is the payment method used to charge your trips.

  • Can I add an additional driver to my subscription?

    Yes, there is no problem to add another driver to your account. The same credit card will be used to charge trips. Please note, adding another driver requires payment of additional subscription fees, in accordance with the subscriber’s selected service option.

  • Can you disconnect from the service?

    Please know that this will break our heart. But if you simply must, you are welcome to contact our customer service line on *9133 (press 2) and we will do our best to resolve any problem you might have.

  • What is the password for viewing the invoice/receipt?

    Please enter your ID number or Bn number for security reasons.

  • How do you update payment method?

    It’s the easiest thing in the world! Press the menu button at the top left of the app. Settings > Payment Settings > Add Credit Card.

  • How can you check your remaining credit balance?

    There is nothing like credit points for future trips. Go into the Credits page in the app to check your remaining travel credit. Additionally, your receipts will include a line about travel credits, how much you used and your remaining balance. Have you never received travel credit? Invite friends to the app and receive travel credit.

  • Can tourists sign up to AutoTel?

    Definitely! Our service promotes internal tourism, to allow everyone to get to know Tel Aviv and fall in love with it. If you only have a foreign drivers license, you must sign a form stating that you are staying in Israel for less than a year. This form will be provided by our service center at *9133 extension 2. If your stay is longer than a year, you must have an Israeli license.

  • What is the AutoTel smart card?

    Forget the old car keys, meet the personal card you can use to unlock and lock every drive. On your first AutoTel drive, you need to collect your smart card from the glove compartment and dial the service center at *9133 to activate it. You can use the smart card also as backup, in case your phone battery is flat or there is no phone signal.

  • I have DigiTel, what can I do with that?

    How great is DigiTel! Join AutoTel on the high gear option, and receive ₪120 travel credit + 1 month of no fees. ₪40 a month for 3 months. If you chose to join the low gear option, you will get a ₪10 refund for trips you have already made. It’s worth your while either way.

  • Which service options do you offer?

    High Gear option and Low Gear option. If you are AutoTelists who live on high gear and plan to travel more than 60 minutes a month, the High Gear option is just for you. If you prefer to take things easy, try the Low Gear option. Would you like to know more? Click here

Electric vehicles

  • Does AutoTel have electric cars?

    Sure! About half of our vehicles are electric’ among them are Hyundai Kona and Renault Zoe. Our electric cars are widely available all around town, offering an improved driving experience, smooth and quiet drive, while also protecting the environment.

  • How can you tell on the app whether the vehicle is electric or not?

    On the vehicle map in the app you can distinguish between a fuel car and an electric car. The lightning bolt icon in the center marks an electric car.

  • Are there any special guidelines to be aware of before booking an electric car?

    Most definitely! The battery range is limited. The battery level appears on the dashboard, as well as on the vehicle profile on the app. You must check the battery level before you start driving and plan your trip accordingly.

  • How do you plan for an electric car ride?

    A vehicle with a battery level lower than 25 % (allows you to drive about 25 km or less), is only suitable for a short ride inside the city. If you arrived at a vehicle with a low battery level please report to us on *9133, or book another vehicle nearby. Please note, you must return the vehicle with at least 15 % battery. Be aware that returning a vehicle with low battery requires special tow services which incur a very high cost.

  • Where can you find charging station?

    If you ended a trip with low battery, please connect the car into one of the charging stations in Tel Aviv. A list of stations can be found here. If you find yourself with a low battery while out of town, please contact our customer service and we will guide you to the nearest charging station.

Out of town trips


  • Can you park the vehicles in parking garages?

    AutoTel has 670 designated parking spaces around town, including inside parking garages. Park only in designated AutoTel parking spaces.

  • Can you park in blue-white spaces?

    Yes, and any other legally permitted space in Tel Aviv. It's no worries with us, you don’t have to rack your brain trying to find a spot. Look for the nearest designated parking using the app, and navigate to it.

  • I drove to a designated space, but it is occupied by a private car. What should I do?

    Use the app to navigate to another space. If you run into difficulty, you’re welcome to call our customer service at *9133 and we will assist you :)

  • What happens if I get a fine or parking ticket?

    Oh no... Bummer. we will be in charge of transfer the report to your name. plus an extra ₪ 75 for the service. The report will be sent to your updated address.    

  • Why does AutoTel take all the parking spaces?

    AutoTel has 670 parking spaces around town, to use by our subscribers. Just imagine that half or even a third of our subscribers would buy a private car and try to park it instead of using AutoTel... the roads and parking spaces would be much worse. If more people use AutoTel, alongside other solutions like public and shared transport, more and more parking spaces would become vacant and the road traffic will decrease. Please note, when we founded AutoTel we consulted with experts and town planners in a lengthy and thorough process, and they determined the number of parking spaces to designate for the service.

  • Why there are parking poles in our designated Autotel parking spots?

    To keep Autotel parking spots only for Autotel vehicles.

    Inside the car You’ll find a remote the lifts/ takes down the pole while parking/ leaving an Autotel parking spot.

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